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          Creepy-Pasta OC

•Basic info•
Pasta name: Stitchy Skotty
Name: Skott Alex Debeaumont
Nickname: Stitches(by Jeff)
D.O.B: June 7
Age: 18
Species: Human

•physical features•
Height: 6'2"
Scar(s): one at his left eye
Physical strength(s): He has no mental barriers against his strength. (If you don't understand this than look up Shizuo Heiwagima)
Physical weakness(es): If the person who he is trying to kill looks like his sister he will be reluctant to kill them.

•about him•
Personality: He seems a bit shy when you first meet him (doesn't seem like the killing type)but once he opens up you find that he is very kind.
Dislikes: Jeff because he is too much like the figure that killed his sister. Being made fun of.
How he kills: He carves around the left eye with his athame and then he pulls the eye out with his hand-scythe. After doing that he stabs his athame into the victims neck.
Saying: "Pray to whatever god you wish for nothing matters in the eyes of death."
Creepypasta OC Information
Thanks to kingheichou for creating the outline for this
   Stitchy Skotty back story

Skott and his sister went from foster home to foster home because nobody liked to be anywhere near him (except his sister). One day he and his sister went to the mall (he was helping her shop) until it closed. Once it closed they decided to go home. While they were walking home they heard someone yell "HELP!!!" so they ran to go see what all the hubbub was about. That's when it all went to hell for him. A figure wielding a knife lunged forward out of the darkness and stabbed him in his left eye. Then the figure went over to his sister and stabbed her in the chest killing her automatically. After seeing this he decided to attack the armed figure. He was successful in disarming the now obviously male figure but when he went to grab the knife the figure managed to get away.
Creepypasta OC Backstory
I'm still working on this but I am posting it because I can


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